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You only get One Chance at a First Impression.

It all starts with PROPERLY GOING MOBILE

Note all you get on this page and also note the drop down for MORE.Note all you get on this page and also note the drop down for MORE.



First off, Video Marketing is so important we have a dedicated link to that above.

Here is just a quick summary of what we Give you. 

Paid2Save Customer Acquisition
View this page, the Drop Down menu and especially Video Marketing above.View this page, the Drop Down menu and especially Video Marketing above.Smarter Communication
Video Marketing
Video Newsletter System
Video eMail System
Mobile Ads and Coupons
Smarter S.E.O.
Smarter Social
Free QR Code Marketing
Smart eCommerce
Smarter Translate
Talking Page and Talking Mail
Exclusive Customer Acquitention System

It starts with Communication but even that is just a Good Beginning.

Our system is exclusive with trademarked or patented features.

Engage your customer on their terms, your business will grow.
If you don't, it won''s that simple.

We give you more for Free than the other guys can even Sell you.

If you aren't engaging your customer base they will find a competitor who is and you are already on your way out of business.

SmarterConnect Gives you the ability to send Mobile Ads to ANY DEVICE, Any Time, Anywhere, singularly or in batches.  

It's a built-in, proprietary system that works for mobile ads, contacts, announcements, clips, video, coupons, just about anything you need at a push of a button.

Works Every Time, on Any Device that has an internet connection.

And, it Automatically Optimizes to the device with No Lag Time.

Other companies charge you by the offering size or number of messages, and then they don't work all that well on all devices.

Not only does ours work, the messages get through and you can send as many coupons, Video Mail, Video Newsletters, anything to any size list at the click of a button.

If you are interested in Growing your Business,
this is one system you will Check Out.


Our system is in a class by itself from Smarter.Marketing®.

Social Media Control with SmarterSocial®.

  • While others are trying to figure out Facebook we give you the tools to use it.
  • Built-in Tools to add as many Links to Social Sites as you want.
  • Add your own Powerful Comments Section. (Let customers post feed-back.)
  • Add you Own Blog.
  • Add a Site Search button. 
  • All our systems work across All Platforms. (Another Exclusive.) 

A Business Presence on Facebook does help SEO Rankings but paying for "Likes" is a waste of money!

  that may shock you.



It's a Pit-Bull Guard Dog system that you control and make as aggressive as you want.

It's the #1 Spam control system in the world and being open source, 1,000's of developers and programmers collaborate on it's features making it the most powerful and user friendly system in existence.

Note some of the major users. 


Free QR Code Marketing.  
ake your own QR Codes for FREE and link to Any Page on your App from Any Device. Link to Google Places or anywhere.  

Redirect people to the Special of the Day, Join your VIP Club, a specific page on your App with a video you want to show, your Mobile Ad, etc. 

For Realtors...a direct link on the sign in front of the property directly to specific information on that property without wading through an entire site. Buyers see your video tours, slide shows, details, etc. This link can be a QR code or Direct Printed Link to a page you created, i.e., and the prospect goes Directly To That Page, From Any Device...another exclusive.

SMART eCommerce.

Because of our Partners, we are one of the few companies that has secure mobile shopping, a factor you need to consider because cyber criminals have learned to search for mobile sites that offer mobile shopping carts as Most are Not Secure. The "size convert" and "redirect to mobile" sites are the most vulnerable because hackers can come in the back door through a mobile link and hack into your system, stealing customer information.

Did you know you might be held liable If this happens from your site?

Don't take that risk. We use FirstData systems. In fact, because our mobile sites are device optimized customers stay on the secure server even on their mobile device. See for yourself. Access this site on your Cell and then your P.C. Note that the address bar at the top stays the same. Our Smart Site doesn't redirect, it's "Smart" and converts to the device.

TalkingPage™ Technology  (You've been seeing it on this page.)

  • A Training or Presentation System for your business.
  • Works on Any Device. Customers link to your presentations that you create and control.
  • You'll use a simple 3rd party capture system to grab video, graphics, power point presentations, etc., then host and stream yourself through your Smart System or online through YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • See it in action on the Examples of our Native Apps or Web Apps.
  • Note: this option is available through a 3rd party called Snagit, or by simply adding sound to standard PPT slides. The power of our system makes this option a reality through the built-in Automatic Streaming and we'll show you how to use this feature.


A simple download to your computer (2 files) and you can record little .mp3 files just   

Then just drag to your email client and  A quick, , individual, personalized message to anyone.
And because they in .mp3 format they play on any device and don't bog down servers with large files sizes.

It's your own personalized Voice Mail and you send to any device via. text or email.  
It's like you are there, talking to them.  (You can either send the file as an attachment or post it on your site and link to it, like I did above.)

Smarter Translate

Google Translate works fine on websites but what about Mobile sites and Apps? Not so well.  Well things have just changed because of our Technology.

We found a
Free Contact Manager.

If you are doing things right you have a growing customer database. How do you remember appointments and scheduled calls, check for appointments, call conflicts, meetings, to-do lists, or even things as simple as what you said to a client on your last meeting?  


Then there is ACT!, the World's #1 Contact Manager.  We are in the process of becoming Act! Certified Business Consultants and will Help you Grow your Business with this incredible tool.  See the link above.


Here is a system that lets you start out free and for many folks, free may be all you need.

Hold your meetings and conferences on the fly with up to ten people for Free
Folks, we've tried them all, GoToMeeting, iMeet, eConference, WebX, Cisco, you name it.

Quite Frankly, NONE of them are even in the same league as MeetingBurner. 


Their video quality is FAR SUPERIOR to Anyone on the Market, and their Speed is unmatched anywhere.

This is the ONLY system I use when I show clients how to use features of our Smarter.Marketing® Suite.

I need the quality and low latency so they see what I'm doing in real time, and see it clearly.  


My Advice, go ahead and get a Free Account.

What have you got to loose?

 We formerly offered a Text Messaging solution but abandoned that project.

  • The charges were per text and they added up quickly making it quite expensive.
  • Texting Vendors tout a 95%+ open rate, but they don't tell you that's PERSONAL Texts.
  • People consider Texting as their Personal Space and do not like to be solicited that way.
  • Texting doesn't work for those on Tablets or Laptops, which is a Growing Number.
  • Business solicitation texts average less than a 10% open rate and worse yet, over 80% of the folks Immediately Opt Out, even if they replied to your offering by texting in the keyword you originally advertised to get your free offer.
    • They text in initially to get the offer but MOST will then Immediately opt out.
    • You just wasted money, you paid to contact them AND gave something away.
  • Text Spamming has gotten so bad new laws just went into effect stating Prior Written Permission Must Be on File.  The penalties are quite severe.
    • The same strict laws now also apply to Push Notifications in Native Apps...another reason we do so few of those anymore.
  • We no longer believe texting is a viable alternative for the Business Owner.

There are far superior and less expensive ways, in fact We Include them for FREE.