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To Grow your Business you must ENGAGE your Customers on THEIR TERMS.
In today's Mobile World, your growth is tied to your Customer's Experience.

It begins with your FREE Smarter WebApp Builder because Going Mobile is the Easy Part.

The Second part is your FREE LISTING in our National Mobile App that sends customers to you.
Your customers get Paid2Save and we pay them to Market For You.

This System WILL GROW your Bottom Line.
See it in Action.

Over 90% of All Local Searches are
now from a Mobile Device.

Your success in business depends upon
the answers to 

  • When Prospects on Mobile find you, what do they See?
  • Do you Keep them Connected?
  • Do you Interact with them on Their Device of Choice? 

The Way your customers Engage
has Evolved Dramatically
in just the past three years.

Google's Latest Critical Algorithm Update has been in effect for some time.
Is your Site beginning to Disappear from Google?

Don't let Hosting companies or Webmasters Scare you into inflated prices.

Folks, there is No Catch.
We give you More for FREE than our competition can even Sell You!

We begin with our Parallels Base WebApp System where technology replaces the webmaster.

Then we add several additional FREE systems for even More Power to Kick your Mobile Marketing Effort into Overdrive.


Welcome the the Evolution of Apps...



So How can we give you this for Free? Two Reasons.

  • Our technology from Parallels that is Light Years ahead of Everyone Else.
  • Our Partnerships with Powur and SolarCity.  

Quite Frankly Going Mobile is the Easy's What you do Next that counts.


But here is a Big One.
You CANNOT Violate these Rules, like
Most sites are, probably including yours.



Our superior technology lets you begin your Mobile Marketing Experience for FREE and our system Does It RIGHT.


If you want to do it all yourself, no problem.

When you decide to take things to the next level and turn your Mobile Presence into a Marketing Tool, we are here. 

70% of All Purchases are now made on a Mobile Device!

90% of All Web Traffic is Now Video Based. 


Your customers want to Engage you on Their Device!
Are you be ready? 

We give you so much it may tend to overwhelm you a little.

If you spend a little time here you will probably be giving us a call.


Our Smarter.Marketing® Suite has So Much it tends to be Overwhelming. It's difficult  to say which feature is the most important to a business but there are several KEY areas that must be addressed if you wish to stay competitive in this On-Demand, HD, Mobile, Social World. 

: Are you Looking for Customers or are They Looking for and Finding You?

Presence: When that Mobile Customer finds you, What do they See?

Engagement: The Mobile visitor wants to engage, do you? Do you have a system in place to keep their interest?

Capture: Are you building a Loyal Database of customers who Want you to market to them on a Regular basis?

Retention: What are you doing now to bring those customers back again and again, and have them tell their friends so they Market For you?

Social Marketing: How do you Instantly market to your growing database where they hang out on their device of choice, and how do you know if that marketing is effective and sending the right message, at the right time, to the right people?

S.E.O. Management: Are you falling for the Scams or do you have a system in place that insures your success with monitoring tools to measure results? The Scams are getting so bad we have an entire section on this.

Video Marketing:  This is a Very Big part of your business and the question is, are you getting on board or letting your prospects go to your competitor?

Video is now the #1 Activity on the web and we have an entire section on this.

Bottom line:  Do you Market Smarter or just More Expensively?